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We take a personalized approach to your health. This includes identifying the root causes of your symptoms, illness

and offering customize an individual treatment plans to reach your wellness goals.

We approach pain and injuries from all angles we promote healing from the inside by working to identify

the root cause of your pain we provide integrative medicine to encourage your own bodies healing mechanisms.



Family has a long history & Innate abilities as Empaths, Sensitives, Spiritual-physical healers, Medium, sympathetic, we use in combination with old & new methods of healing we are graced by God.


Physical Empath. You are especially attuned to other people's physical symptoms & tend to absorb them into your body. ...

Emotional Empath. You mainly pick up other people's emotions and can become a sponge for their feelings, both happy and sad, and able to advise. ...

Intuitive Empath. ability to understand & share Feelings w/instinct and perception. and much much more. 

Client Testimony ♦ Spiritual stories 

Debbie :  My Sister bought me a massage at Norwegian spa I have never had one and had no desire to get one. But she really thought it would do me good I he hawed around about going for months. took everything I had to walk through the door, I just didn't want one. I decided to go and Pilar was very welcoming and could read my body language and got tough with me told me to take my cloths off, and get on the table, she made me laugh which I needed to do.

 Pilar talked to me calmly asking if I it felt good several times she said " Sandy How does that feel." I didn't answer her at first I couldn't,  until she flipped me over , she asked again 'How does it feel Sandy?'  I told her my name isn't Sandy 1st of all, as I couldn't hold back my tears of joy.  I told her my name is Debbie My sister's name is Sandy and she died last week! she was the reason I am here. This massage was her wish for me to enjoy myself. I felt such peace as if she was talking through Pilar.  I will never forget my experience. Pilar told me other stories that have happened there it is just fantastic!




I Called Norwegian spa in desperation, at the time I had lost my Job, my home, and I was living in my car. I have no idea why I thought i would call this spa for some treatments, but something came over me to do it. I was in . Stroudsburg Pa. just got a room in a shelter, I called & Pilar told me to come right in that there would be NO CHARGE! I was so depressed about covid, government mandates, losing everything I was at the end of my rope I had to try to get strong. Coming from Stroudsburg  I wasn't sure of directions & I was late. I eventually got there. I walked in spa with plastic gloves and masks. I saw Pilar face she knew I was stressed. she told me she called and left a message, she said there was a voice mail that said leave a message for Martha. That's my grandmothers name that just passed.  She showed me the number it was my grands number from over a year ago. her phone is off !  I lost it!  I knew it was my grandmother giving me a message through Pilar. I believe she led me to call this spa and to meet Pilar. She gave me  massage & facial and products to go. She assured me my grandmother was my guardian and not to worry about the house to go talk to the bank to  keep strong thing would work out ! I left with no mask no gloves feeling stronger..Well she was right!  I am doing great , got my Job back that same week, and I made a deal with the bank to get the House back! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I'll be back !



How long can an egg sit in a nest and still be good to eat?

In fact, eggs can actually be left in the coop for 4-5 weeks  up a year if stored properly and still be fresh to eat. This is because unwashed eggs have a protective bloom, or cuticle, which naturally prevents bacteria from the outside of the egg from entering inside. When you wash eggs, this bloom is then also washed away.

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Detox Body Wrap
Lose inches! Treat yourself to a relaxing detox body wrap. This is a full body application of a warm organic minerals which will detox and remineralizing your body with valuable trace elements and minerals. You are wrapped up like a mummy in a heated bed. The product stays on your body to be absorbed to hydrate, moisturize and revitalize your soul, body and mind.

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Featured Item
Camry's signature facial
Deep 2x cleansing , extractions, massage techniques for face for building colllagen, shoulders and arms, Steam on  hyaluronic acid with vitamin A & C -followed by Choice of mask steam 15 minutes.(add aromatherapy) Followed by light therapy penetrating organic deep hydrating serums and moisturizers for entire face and neck and décolleté.  Products adapted to all skin conditions Great for anti-aging!! And to bring back your sparkle!

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